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Due to strong partnerships with established organizations, skilled individuals, and investors, we are helping startups succeed through workshops, consultations and networking.

Spring Batch 2022

Focus on sustainable development goals and a bootcamp abroad.

Fall Batch 2022

Focus on global outreach and an innovation program in Silicon Valley

Spring batch 2022

Fall batch 2022

Our 3-month program includes:

Free offices in Bratislava

Modern office spaces in Bratislava including meeting rooms are available for your team throughout the acceleration program for free.


For every batch we prepare a boot camp where you will share ideas with like-minded people and gain valuable knowledge.

5 essential workshops

You will learn about the topics key to business development, while international and local experts will introduce their methods and show you how to apply them.

Q&A sessions and talks with founders

These group sessions are a chance to get to know companies in your batch that are going through similar things and to help each other. Q&A sessions, where you can prepare in advance relevant questions in the area of expertise of the speaker.

Individual consultations

Meetings with successful professionals, to whom we will introduce you, will help you with specific technical, legal, or strategic issues at individual consultations and give you valuable feedback.

Networking events

We regularly organize activities in our community where you can network, exchange know-how, develop new partnerships or pitch your business.

Demo Day

The acceleration program will conclude with a closing ceremony, called Demo Day, where you will pitch your startup to a jury of entrepreneurs and investors.

PR & Media support

Your visibility and branding are in our interest too. Our media partners want to hear your story and share it with others. Therefore, We will arrange interviews and you get the attention you deserve.

Investment opportunity

Chosen startups in the program will have the opportunity to get 50000 EUR pre-seed investment from Perry Talents & Partners.

Unique Workshops

Every acceleration batch, we create a unique mix of workshops on different topics and with various experts based on the startup's needs! These were the latest ones:


7 steps to avoid lawyers

with startup law expert Majo Porvažník


Go to Market Strategy

with Danish serial startup founder Thor Angelo


PR and Media Training

with experienced journalist Adam Šipoš


Negotiating with investors

with tech & business lawyer Oliver Majdúch


Pitch Training

with pitch coach, trainer and TEDx speaker Lukáš Hrdlička


Fundraising Workshop

with Israelian startup investor Roy Ramon


Business Development

with country manager of Bolt Slovakia Eduard Suchánek


Strategic Negotiation

with 21 times awarded lecturer Olivia Hurbanová








CZ & SK startups

Offices in Bratislava

As part of the PERRY TALENTS accelerator, startups receive free office spaces including meeting rooms to accommodate mentors or clients.


What startups are we
looking for?

Do you have any doubts about your startup fitting in PERRY TALENTS? We are looking for startups that are:

Ready to work hard

We will guide you and connect you with experts but you have to cooperate and do the hard work yourself.

Beyond the idea stage

You should have more than just an idea. You have an MVP? Great, it’s a good starting point.

Able to scale

Scalability is a holy word for successful startups. Sooner or later, you will need to scale! Be ready for that.

Thinking globally

Building global businesses is fun and we will be happy to help you with that!

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