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Launching new digital community
New digital home
with all startups, mentors
and investors in one place
Connect with investors, mentors, or startups in a second.
Stand out on the platform and seek new opportunities — in PerryHub.

For Investors

Have all necessary information about your next unicorn in one place. Simply search, connect and invest.

For startups

Get all the resources that you need to scale up your business! Workshops, mentors, investors, events and more…

For mentors

Create a network of successful startups and grow your business with them. Everything is under one roof.


Who can join Icon
Startups, investors and mentors
How can you apply Icon
The online platform is 100% free, so feel free to join the waitlist right away. You will have to answer a few questions and our team will let you in as soon as we check your application form. We aim to create an exclusive and valuable online space for the startup community.

Once you get approved, you will need to activate your account (add a profile picture, include a short bio and some more info about you) and you are ready to go!
What are the benefits? Icon
You will be part of a startup community which involves the top investors, mentors and startups. The platform allows you to grow your network and receive valuable information from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Perry HUB offers you an opportunity to stay in touch with valuable mentors, to present your company and build relationships with prospective investors to whom you can reach out directly. You will also have access to events and interactive sessions.

As an investor, you will have exclusive access to promising early-stage startups and their teams. You will have the opportunity to contact specific members, find out more about their products and build meaningful relationships in the startup ecosystem.
What is the price? Icon
As we are in the early-stage of the platform (Beta version), Perry HUB is free for startups, mentors and investors for now. We are yet to announce a new pricing model but for now the membership is free. So it is the best time to try it out :).
Other questions? Icon
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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